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WTF is a Snarky Sleeve?

Some estimates are as high as 23 billion paper coffee cups per year are used and thrown away in the US alone. 23,000,000,000 is a lot of cups. And each one of those cups is accompanied by an equally wasteful cardboard sleeve. Or a burnt hand.

Snarky Sleeves try to reduce at least a small portion of that paper waste by being the awesome reusable felt sleeves that they are. And with awesome cuss words on them, you'll be happy to use your reusable sleeve every day and show the world that you $#%!ing care. Read more »


We're changing up our phrases!  Check the online shop for some slashed sale prices of sleeves we're discontinuing, and poke around for some new limited edtion sleeves we're trying out.  

Woo!  Read more »